Monday, January 5, 2009

MY nose!!!

I hate feeling this way! I am not sure if I have a cold or just major bad allergies! It feels more like allergies, which I would actually prefer a cold since I have yet to find an allergy medication that works for me! My nose itches so bad, I sneeze a million times every minute and I am all clogged too! UGH!
On a positive note, Hayden slept in her crib last night from 7pm-5am without waking up!! Good girl! Then at 5am we let her cry her self back to sleep and she woke up again at 6am, then we brought her in bed with us to snuggle and we all fell asleep again until 7am! I am so proud of Hayden for not only falling asleep at night on her own, but for staying asleep all night! It was such a LONG road to get to this point.... but YAY we did it! I love her and all but I really hate sharing our bed! It's already bad enough that Lukasz hogs the bed!!!
I have a long week of work ahead of me... wish Hayden and I good luck! We aren't use to working this much so it will be interesting!
By the way.... I saw the video of the man who got shot by BART police, and it was pretty disturbing to see. I should have listened to the news anchors warning and to look away! From seeing the video it looked like there was no reason for them to shoot him, I feel very upset for his family. He had a 4 year old daughter. There better have been one hell of a reason to shoot him... if not.... I hope the officer gets what he deserves!
On a positive note... so far I love 2009!!

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