Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

I am SO excited for 2009!! I am planning on making it the BEST year of my life to date! Lukasz and I started it off right by spending two hours at the gym. Sounds like a lot but we did an hour of weights and an hour of cardio. I feel so ready to make this healthy change in my life not to mention I want to look HOT in my wedding dress come September. When we got home we started some serious cleaning in our house. I am so annoyed with this mold problem we have!! Mold is NASTY and so hard to get rid of... if you can ever get it to go away!! Anyways... although we didn't start off 2009 with Hayden here with us.... she was in our thoughts! I am sure she is having a blast with grandma and grandpa! I hope that each and everyone of you make 2009 everything you want it to be!! XOXO

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