Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am SO excited to be doing the powerstroll class again! It is SUCH a great workout and so fun to chat with the moms! It's basically an exercise class lead by a fabulous woman who leads us all over Central Park in San Mateo. We run, skip, do push ups, leg lifts, climb the bleachers... basically she uses every inch of the park to create a fun yet effective workout! I was doing this last spring and summer, but then I got too busy with work, and Hayden's nap time fell right at powerstroll time. I joined again today, and I feel GREAT! I also went out to coffee with two moms after class and then we let the little ones play at the park for awhile. I once again feel MOTIVATED! I totally believe that if you have fun while you exercise it doesn't seem like such a chore! Wish me luck on my weight loss! I want to look hot for my wedding in mexico!

This will be me in a few months....

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